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City-Specific Career Fairs & Networking Nights

With the COVID-19 crisis, how can I participate in a Career Fair?

Career Fairs & Networking Nights are currently being hosted as “hybrid” events that combine both virtual and live components via all-day Virtual Career Fairs with online chat; dedicated Recruiter Showcase Webinars; and in-person attendance at outdoor venues. Capacity at in-person events will be limited, social distancing will be in effect and masks are required. We are closely monitoring federal, state, and city safety guidelines as the situation unfolds and changes. You may visit our website for event locations and dates:

What is the cost to participate?

There is no cost for physicians to participate in our career fairs.

What goes on at a CareerMD Career Fair?

CareerMD Career Fairs provide an opportunity for job-seeking residents and fellows to explore employment opportunities and meet recruiters from leading healthcare organizations and practice groups. Many of the country's largest and most prestigious physician employers participate in CareerMD Career Fairs.

Are career fairs meant for only residents and fellows, or may practicing physicians or program coordinators participate as well?

Residents, fellows, practicing physicians and program coordinators are all welcome to participate.

I'm in my first few years of GME training - should I participate in a CareerMD Career Fair?

Yes. Even if you still have several years of training ahead of you, the career fairs are a great opportunity to begin exploring employment opportunities. Employers will want to meet you now.

Who will I meet at the career fairs? What kinds of employment opportunities are available?

Residents and fellows will have the chance to meet with employers in their region, as well as employers with nationwide opportunities. Employment opportunities are mainly clinical and include full-time, part-time, locum tenens and contracted positions, among others.

How can I find out which employers at the event will be recruiting for my specialty?

To see which exhibitors are recruiting in your specialty, please visit our website at and click on the city name of the event you wish to attend. You can then see a list of employers recruiting in each specialty. This list is continually updated as exhibitors register, so we recommend that you check back often.

Where can I see a list of upcoming career fairs and dates?

You can view a list of career fair cities on our website: or

Is there parking available? Is parking validated?

There should be parking on-site or nearby the venue. CareerMD does not validate parking costs. For additional details on parking location and cost, we suggest checking the event webpage and/or contacting the venue directly.

Specialty-Specific Career Fairs

What are Specialty-Specific Career Fairs?

Specialty-Specific Career Fairs are online events dedicated to your specialty for 24 hours on a given day. You may access the virtual platform at any time on that day and view job opportunities for your specialty, from leading employers across the country. Specialty-Specific Career Fairs often also feature a Recruiter Showcase, conducted via Zoom webinar, and a 3-hour live chat window, where you can connect with recruiters in real-time. A detailed event schedule is provided upon registration. There is no cost to participate.

Can I interact directly with employers?

You are welcome and encouraged to connect with employers via live chat, phone or email during the virtual fair. They will return your inquiry at their earliest convenience.

What is the schedule of virtual events?

You may view the schedule here: Each virtual event is hosted once per quarter, per specialty. Don't miss your virtual event!

Electronic Job Bulletins

How often are CareerMD E-Job Bulletins published?

Job Bulletins are published every other week, on alternating Tuesdays. CareerMD's Job Bulletins feature up-to-date information on training and employment opportunities nationwide. Job Bulletins are published in every specialty and subspecialty.

How do I sign up to receive Job Bulletins?

Simply send an email request to, including your name and email address, current specialty, training program, and expected year of completion.

I have found a job. How do I unsubscribe to the Job Bulletin?

To unsubscribe, simply reply to any emails you have received with the word "Unsubscribe", or send an email to

Searching for Jobs on

What types of opportunities are posted on

The online job database includes physician employment, fellowship and residency opportunities across all specialties. Job opportunities are mostly clinical and include full-time, part-time, locum tenens and contracted positions, among others.

Do I need to log in or register to search for jobs?

No. You need not log in to to search for jobs.

I am interested in a job I see posted on CareerMD. How do I apply or contact the recruiter?

To apply for a position you see listed on CareerMD, or to contact the recruiter for more information, you may send an email directly to the employer by completing the form that appears beside the job listing, and selecting “Send Message”. You have the option to upload your CV, if you wish. Alternatively, if the employer has provided a phone number, you may call the recruiter directly.

I sent an email to an employer about a job in which I am interested, but I have not heard back. What does this mean? What should I do?

If you have contacted an employer through the CareerMD site and have not received a reply, we recommend that you follow up at least one time, either by sending a second email or, if a phone number is provided, by calling the recruiter directly. If you attempt to contact an employer two or three times and do not receive a reply, you may assume that either the position has been filled or that you do not match the recruiter's criteria.

Virtual Exhibit Hall Questions

How do I find a specific employer's booth?

You can find a specific employer by using the "Search" box on the upper left side of the Exhibit Hall and searching by employer name.

How do I know if a recruiter is available to chat?

Click on an employer's tile and select the "LIVE CHAT" link in the booth preview view. Submit your information in the chat pop-up window to speak with the recruiter. If the recruiter is available you will be connected.

How can I see what specialties an employer is currently recruiting to fill?

Position vacancies are listed in an employer's full virtual booth, accessible by selecting the "Click here to view full profile" link at the bottom of the booth preview.

Who receives the information I submit in the booth form?

Form submissions are sent to the recruiter listed on the booth.

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