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About the CareerMD Website More than 30,000 times each month, job-seeking residents, fellows and physicians search on to locate physician vacancies of interest. Online since 1996, is the largest open-access database of physician employment opportunities in the country. A completely free resource, enables physicians to research opportunities across a broad spectrum of employer types —
not only large hospitals and healthcare systems, but small employers, academic employers, government agencies,
industry employers, and others.

Pricing There is no charge to post physician vacancies on There are no fees or obligations
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Job Postings on Jobs posted on remain active on the site until you remove them. You may log in at any time to modify your postings. Newly-posted or refreshed vacancies appear at the
top of search results, guaranteeing excellent visibility for your vacancy. As an added benefit for in-house recruiters, newly-posted jobs are automatically emailed out to residents and fellows in the CareerMD Candidate Database whose profile preferences match the attributes of your job.

Bulk Uploads If you have a large number of jobs to post and maintain,
a bulk upload service is available upon request. We can work with data in a variety of formats. The best way to provide your data is by setting up a data feed (XML or JSON) via a URL. If you are not able to set up a feed and prefer to send us your data in files, we can accept Excel worksheets or text data in CSV, XML, or JSON formats. An alternative to sending your
jobs to us is providing a website from which your data may
be copied. Learn more.