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About CareerMD Career Fairs

First introduced in 2004 and hosted in just five cities nationwide, CareerMD Career Fairs have grown over the past decade into a national recruiting network that has transformed the way in which physician employers recruit graduating residents and fellows. Now hosted in more than 120 cities nationwide, CareerMD Career Fairs offer employers an opportunity to introduce their organizations to a large number of job-seeking residents and fellows in one place, at one time. In recent years, more than 35,000 residents and fellows have attended CareerMD Career Fairs.

The Career Fair Package

Registration for a Career Fair entitles your organization to a full suite of benefits designed to attract candidates to your organization before, during, and after the event.

In the weeks leading up to the event, benefits begin with promotion of your organization on the CareerMD website and in the widely-distributed Participating Employers Guide and Physician Opportunities Guide. After the event, you will receive a lead list of all residents and fellows who participate in the event.

Event Details

For specific information about the event you will be attending, please reference the event page for your city, which you can access by clicking the city name in the chart below.

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Event NameRegionEvent CityStateDOWDateRegistration
Albany, NY Career Fair Northeast Albany NYTuesdayJun 7, 2022$750
Albuquerque, NM Career Fair Southwest Albuquerque NMTuesdayDec 13, 2022$750
Allentown, PA Career Fair Northeast Allentown PATuesdayJul 26, 2022$750
Ann Arbor, MI Career Fair Midwest Ann Arbor MIWednesdayDec 14, 2022$750
Atlanta, GA Career Fair Southeast Atlanta GATuesdayJan 11, 2022$750
Augusta, GA Career Fair Southeast Augusta GATuesdayApr 5, 2022$750
Baltimore, MD Career Fair Northeast Baltimore MDMondayDec 5, 2022$750
Baton Rouge, LA Career Fair Southeast Baton Rouge LAThursdayApr 21, 2022$750
Birmingham, AL Career Fair Southeast Birmingham ALTuesdayOct 25, 2022$750
Boston, MA Career Fair Northeast Boston MAThursdayOct 13, 2022$750
Brooklyn, NY Career Fair Northeast Brooklyn NYWednesdayNov 30, 2022$750
Buffalo, NY Career Fair Northeast Buffalo NYWednesdayMar 9, 2022$750
Burlington, VT Career Fair Northeast Burlington VTTuesdayAug 2, 2022$750
Chapel Hill, NC Career Fair Southeast Chapel Hill NCTuesdayMar 15, 2022$750
Charleston, SC Career Fair Southeast Charleston SCThursdayJun 9, 2022$750
Charleston, WV Career Fair Southeast Charleston WVWednesdayJul 13, 2022$750
Charlotte, NC Career Fair Southeast Charlotte NCTuesdayJan 18, 2022$750
Charlottesville, VA Career Fair Southeast Charlottesville VATuesdayFeb 8, 2022$750
Chattanooga, TN Career Fair Southeast Chattanooga TNThursdayApr 28, 2022$750
Chicago, IL Career Fair Midwest Chicago ILWednesdayApr 27, 2022$750
Cincinnati , OH Career Fair Midwest Cincinnati OHWednesdayJan 26, 2022$750
Cleveland, OH Career Fair Midwest Cleveland OHThursdayMar 24, 2022$750
Columbia, SC Career Fair Southeast Columbia SCThursdayAug 11, 2022$750
Columbia, MO Career Fair Midwest Columbia MOWednesdayNov 9, 2022$750
Columbus, OH Career Fair Midwest Columbus OHWednesdayJun 29, 2022$750
Dallas, TX Career Fair Southwest Dallas TXWednesdayAug 3, 2022$750
Danville, PA Career Fair Northeast Danville PATuesdayApr 12, 2022$750
Dayton, OH Career Fair Midwest Dayton OHTuesdayMay 17, 2022$750
Denver, CO Career Fair West Denver COThursdaySep 29, 2022$750
Des Moines, IA Career Fair Midwest Des Moines IAThursdayJan 20, 2022$750
Detroit, MI Career Fair Midwest Detroit MITuesdaySep 20, 2022$750
Durham, NC Career Fair Southeast Durham NCTuesdayJul 19, 2022$750
El Paso, TX Career Fair Southwest El Paso TXThursdayApr 14, 2022$750
Fargo, ND Career Fair Midwest Fargo NDThursdayJul 28, 2022$750
Fresno, CA Career Fair West Fresno CAThursdayFeb 3, 2022$750
Gainesville, FL Career Fair Southeast Gainesville FLTuesdaySep 13, 2022$750
Galveston, TX Career Fair Southwest Galveston TXWednesdayNov 16, 2022$750
Grand Rapids, MI Career Fair Midwest Grand Rapids MIThursdayFeb 24, 2022$750
Greenville, NC Career Fair Southeast Greenville NCThursdaySep 22, 2022$750
Greenville, SC Career Fair Southeast Greenville SCThursdayNov 17, 2022$750
Hershey, PA Career Fair Northeast Hershey PAWednesdayJun 1, 2022$750
Houston, TX Career Fair Southwest Houston TXWednesdayJun 1, 2022$750
Huntington, WV Career Fair Southeast Huntington WVTuesdayMay 10, 2022$750
Indianapolis, IN Career Fair Midwest Indianapolis INThursdayJan 27, 2022$750
Iowa City, IA Career Fair Midwest Iowa City IAThursdayMar 10, 2022$750
Jackson, MS Career Fair Southeast Jackson MSTuesdayMar 29, 2022$750
Jacksonville, FL Career Fair Southeast Jacksonville FLThursdayMar 3, 2022$750
Johnson City, TN Career Fair Southeast Johnson City TNThursdayNov 3, 2022$750
Kalamazoo, MI Career Fair Midwest Kalamazoo MIWednesdayAug 17, 2022$750
Kansas City, MO Career Fair Midwest Kansas City MOThursdayJun 16, 2022$750
Knoxville, TN Career Fair Southeast Knoxville TNTuesdayJun 14, 2022$750
Lansing, MI Career Fair Midwest Lansing MITuesdayJun 21, 2022$750
Las Vegas, NV Career Fair West Las Vegas NVTuesdayDec 6, 2022$750
Lebanon, NH Career Fair Northeast Lebanon NHWednesdayJun 15, 2022$750
Lexington, KY Career Fair Southeast Lexington KYThursdayNov 10, 2022$750
Little Rock, AR Career Fair Southeast Little Rock ARTuesdayJan 25, 2022$750
Loma Linda, CA Career Fair West Loma Linda CAThursdayJul 14, 2022$750
Long Island, NY Career Fair Northeast Long Island NYWednesdayFeb 9, 2022$750
Los Angeles, CA Career Fair West Los Angeles CATuesdayMay 24, 2022$750
Louisville, KY Career Fair Southeast Louisville KYWednesdayOct 12, 2022$750
Lubbock, TX Career Fair Southwest Lubbock TXTuesdayMar 1, 2022$750
Madison, WI Career Fair Midwest Madison WIWednesdayApr 13, 2022$750
Memphis, TN Career Fair Southeast Memphis TNThursdayMay 19, 2022$750
Miami, FL Career Fair Southeast Miami FLThursdayJul 21, 2022$750
Milwaukee, WI Career Fair Midwest Milwaukee WITuesdayNov 1, 2022$750
Minneapolis, MN Career Fair Midwest Minneapolis MNThursdayFeb 17, 2022$750
Mobile, AL Career Fair Southeast Mobile ALThursdayJan 13, 2022$750
Morgantown, WV Career Fair Southeast Morgantown WVTuesdayFeb 22, 2022$750
Nashville, TN Career Fair Southeast Nashville TNWednesdaySep 7, 2022$750
New Brunswick, NJ Career Fair Northeast New Brunswick NJTuesdayMay 3, 2022$750
New Haven, CT Career Fair Northeast New Haven CTTuesdayJul 12, 2022$750
New Orleans, LA Career Fair Southeast New Orleans LAFridayNov 18, 2022$750
New York, NY Career Fair Northeast New York NYThursdayAug 25, 2022$750
Newark, NJ Career Fair Northeast Newark NJThursdayJan 6, 2022$750
Norfolk, VA Career Fair Southeast Norfolk VATuesdayApr 19, 2022$750
Oklahoma City, OK Career Fair Southwest Oklahoma City OKWednesdayFeb 2, 2022$750
Omaha, NE Career Fair Midwest Omaha NEThursdayJul 7, 2022$750
Orange County, CA Career Fair West Orange County CAWednesdaySep 14, 2022$750
Orlando, FL Career Fair Southeast Orlando FLThursdayOct 20, 2022$750
Palo Alto, CA Career Fair West Palo Alto CAWednesdayJul 27, 2022$750
Peoria, IL Career Fair Midwest Peoria ILThursdayJun 2, 2022$750
Philadelphia, PA Career Fair Northeast Philadelphia PATuesdayFeb 15, 2022$750
Phoenix, AZ Career Fair Southwest Phoenix AZWednesdayOct 19, 2022$750
Pittsburgh, PA Career Fair Northeast Pittsburgh PAWednesdayAug 31, 2022$750
Portland, OR Career Fair West Portland ORThursdayMay 5, 2022$750
Portland, ME Career Fair Northeast Portland METhursdayMay 26, 2022$750
Providence, RI Career Fair Northeast Providence RIWednesdayDec 7, 2022$750
Reno, NV Career Fair West Reno NVTuesdayMar 8, 2022$750
Richmond, VA Career Fair Southeast Richmond VAWednesdayAug 24, 2022$750
Roanoke, VA Career Fair Southeast Roanoke VAThursdayJun 23, 2022$750
Rochester, NY Career Fair Northeast Rochester NYMondayOct 3, 2022$750
Rochester, MN Career Fair Midwest Rochester MNTuesdayNov 15, 2022$750
Sacramento , CA Career Fair West Sacramento CAWednesdaySep 21, 2022$750
Salt Lake City, UT Career Fair West Salt Lake City UTThursdayApr 7, 2022$750
San Antonio, TX Career Fair Southwest San Antonio TXThursdayDec 15, 2022$750
San Diego, CA Career Fair West San Diego CATuesdayAug 9, 2022$750
San Francisco, CA Career Fair West San Francisco CATuesdayMar 22, 2022$750
San Jose, CA Career Fair West San Jose CAWednesdayNov 2, 2022$750
San Juan, PR Career Fair Outside U.S. San Juan PRSaturdayNov 12, 2022$750
Savannah, GA Career Fair Southeast Savannah GAThursdayDec 8, 2022$750
Seattle, WA Career Fair West Seattle WAThursdayOct 6, 2022$750
Shreveport, LA Career Fair Southeast Shreveport LATuesdaySep 27, 2022$750
Spokane, WA Career Fair West Spokane WATuesdayAug 30, 2022$750
Springfield, MA Career Fair Northeast Springfield MAThursdaySep 8, 2022$750
Springfield, IL Career Fair Midwest Springfield ILThursdayDec 1, 2022$750
St. Louis, MO Career Fair Midwest St. Louis MOTuesdayAug 16, 2022$750
Stony Brook, NY Career Fair Northeast Stony Brook NYTuesdayJun 28, 2022$750
Syracuse, NY Career Fair Northeast Syracuse NYWednesdayFeb 23, 2022$750
Tampa, FL Career Fair Southeast Tampa FLTuesdayAug 23, 2022$750
Temple, TX Career Fair Southwest Temple TXThursdayMay 12, 2022$750
Toledo, OH Career Fair Midwest Toledo OHWednesdayJan 12, 2022$750
Tucson, AZ Career Fair Southwest Tucson AZThursdayAug 18, 2022$750
Tulsa, OK Career Fair Southwest Tulsa OKThursdayMar 31, 2022$750
Washington, DC Career Fair Northeast Washington DCThursdayOct 27, 2022$750
West Hartford, CT Career Fair Northeast West Hartford CTTuesdayFeb 1, 2022$750
Westchester, NY Career Fair Northeast Westchester NYTuesdayOct 18, 2022$750
Wichita, KS Career Fair Midwest Wichita KSThursdayAug 4, 2022$750
Winston-Salem, NC Career Fair Southeast Winston-Salem NCTuesdayOct 11, 2022$750
Worcester, MA Career Fair Northeast Worcester MAThursdayFeb 10, 2022$750
Youngstown, OH Career Fair Midwest Youngstown OHWednesdayOct 26, 2022$750

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