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Respiratory Therapist

Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation
Tuba City, AZ
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Byron Bizardi
Human Resources Recruiter
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Job Description

The Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP) or respiratory therapist is an individual trained in the technical aspects of respiratory care and will exhibit those skills and deliver modalities of respiratory therapy, emergent and intensive respiratory care, and diagnostic procedures. Work hours are 24 hour coverage rotational, day or night shifts, weekends, holidays and occasional overtime.

High School Diploma or GED equivalent
Must have an Associates degree in respiratory care or have equivalent education (certificate of completion in respiratory care)
Must have and maintain a current valid Respiratory Care Practitioner license from any state of the United States of America, The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or a territory of the United States
Must have and maintain a current valid Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT)
Must have and maintain a current valid BLS Certification from the American Heart Association (AHA)
Must have and maintain a current valid Advance Cardiopulmonary Life Support (ACLS) Certification from the American Heart Association (AHA), if none, must obtain within 90 days from date of hire
Must have two (2) years of experience in respiratory care at a general/acute hospital
Other Skills and Abilities:
A record of satisfactory performance in all prior and current employment as evidenced by positive employment references from previous and current employers. All employment references must address and indicate success in each one of the following areas:
Positive working relationships with others
Possession of high ethical standards and no history of complaints
Reliable and dependable; reports to work as scheduled without excessive absences
Using scientific rules and methods to solve problems
Ability to quickly and repeatedly adjust the controls of a machine or a vehicle to exact positions
Ability to concentrate on a task over a period of time without being distracted

Bachelors of Science Degree from a Co-Arc school of Respiratory Therapy
Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification (PALS), Neonatal Resuscitation Program Certification (NRP) Certification
Prior applied knowledge of EKG, arterial blood gases, exercise cardiac stress testing, bedside spirometry, holter monitor application, scan, and report generation
Other Skills and Abilities:
Ability to speak Navajo

1. Administer volume oriented intermittent positive pressure breathing therapy (IPPB); chest physical therapy (CPT) i.e., percussion, vibration and postural drainage; aerosol therapy; incentive spirometry therapy; and mixed gas therapy treatments.
2. Provides patient assessments during rounds of treatments/medication administration and/or mechanical ventilator checks.
3. Provides pre-operative instruction regarding post- operative respiratory therapy modalities; instruction for home respiratory care; and instruction for breathing retraining.
4. Initiates, monitors and discontinues all modes of oxygen therapy and initiates, monitors and discontinues all modes of supplemental airway humidification, including ultrasonic nebulizers, continuous aerosols and humidity tents in conjunction with physicians orders.
5. Obtains and/or induces adequate sputum specimens for lab analysis. Inspect, clean, test and maintain respiratory therapy equipment to ensure equipment is functioning safely and efficiently, orders repairs when necessary.
6. Provides diagnostic evaluation of spirometric and pulmonary mechanics to include vital capacity, peak flow, forced expiratory volume and/or flow rates.
7. Initiates, monitors and discontinues mechanical support of ventilation. Performs weaning parameters, extubation, and evaluates need for further airway support and communicates with the physician. Weans patients from ventilators per department policy and procedure. Performs patient assessment duties. Charts in the patient record summary of all therapy modalities administered.
8. Receives documents and carries out verbal orders from the physician related to respiratory care. Checks for current and accurate physicians orders, if necessary, notifies the clinical supervisor. Acts as a consultant to the physician on matters of respiratory care and the practice of respiratory therapy.
9. Assists in the training and orientation of students and new employees when requested to do so. Performs related duties as assigned. Teach, train, supervise, and utilize the assistance of students, respiratory therapy technicians, and assistants.
10. Performs, administers and evaluates cardiopulmonary diagnostic studies (PFT, Holter Monitor, EKG, ETT, etc.).
11. Assists in emergency and/or elective intubation, oral or nasal, on patient with impending respiratory failure/cardiac arrest. Provides tracheostomy care (changing and maintaining tracheal tubes). Performs arterial and venous punctures for the purpose of blood analysis.
12. Acts as charge therapist when assigned. Charge or lead responsibilities include but are not limited to making out shift assignments, and handling emergency calls. Complies with all safety rules regarding oxygen delivery, setup, storage and administration as set forth by the National Fire Prevention (NFPA), Department of Transportation (DOT), and the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).
13. Maintains the skills and knowledge necessary to administer care to all age groups.
14. Maintains positive working relationships with others with excellent customer service abilities, effective listening, and communication skills (i.e. ability to communicate with colleagues, patients and families during time of emotional and physical stress)
15. Responsible for electronic health records data entry pertinent to patient service role.
16. Performs other duties as assigned.

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