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The Department of Corrections is seeking highly motivated and qualified physicians in WA State.
DOC is building an integrated health care system to meet the needs of the 16,000 offenders in their custody. Our goal is to provide medically necessary care and to prepare our patients for re-entry into normal society.

You would create a work environment that values high ethical standards, emphasizes safe, high quality medical care, nurtures teamwork and encourages activities which lead to continuous improvement. Physicians at DOC boast about the broad scope of practicing internal medicine without the hassle of malpractice coverage or insurance/patient billing.

You will be treating many people who are disenfranchised from outside medicine and working with an impressive array of untreated maladies and unusual pathology found in our prison population. You will watch the course of disease progression and response to therapy in a way not done in the external population.

We offer a competitive salary, regular work hours, and outstanding benefits, flexible schedules, team work in a collegian setting, safe working environment, no nights and weekends are just a few of the benefits you will receive while working with a unique patient population.

In addition, you will receive state benefits to include health, dental, life and long-term disability insurance; vacation, sick, military and civil leave; dependent care assistance program; employee advisory service; deferred compensation plans; 11 paid holidays; and state retirement plans. DOC offers an active tuition reimbursement program for continuing education. The benefits can add almost 30% to your overall salary.

This position is responsible to direct and supervise a large medical and/or surgical service in the institution by:
Participating in medical treatment with consulting physicians.
Performing diagnostic and treatment of diseases and injuries of patients at the institution.
Working in collaboration with others to ensure staff and resources are in place to provide offenders
with appropriate and timely medical services consistent with established standards.
Create a work environment that values high ethical standards, emphasizes safe, high quality
medical care, nurtures teamwork and encourages activities which lead to continuous improvement.

The successful candidate will have:
Valid license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of Washington (or the ability to obtain
prior to employment).
Completion of an approved residency program.
Board certified or board eligible.
Possess strong interpersonal skills and experience in directing medical operations.
Exceptional communication skills with the ability to communicate orally and in writing with a variety of
individuals ranging from correctional administrator and staff, health care professionals to patient
advocates and other laypersons.

For more information and to apply, please visit
For Questions, contact Denise Moreland at (360) 407-5748 or

Note: This position is eligible for the Loan Repayment programs and J1 Visa

Health Services is responsible for basic primary care for incarcerated inmates. Services include medical, dental, and mental healthcare which are provided to inmates by onsite, state-employed health services staff. All disciplines within each of the 12 facilities work closely together in order to reach a common goal, providing the best, most efficient, and cost-effective health care possible. Emphasis is placed on early identification of health concerns, care for acute and chronic health problems, and preventive care. Providers offer medically necessary and quality care in accordance with the Departments Offender Health Plan.

We believe in the core foundations of corrections: to make the public safer, and to run a humane system where people can change for the better.

Benefits of joining our team are:

We value our employees for the ideas they have, the experiences they bring and the effort they put into making changes that improve the lives of inmates and the safety of our communities. This is expressed in our benefits, our educational policies and the opportunities our staff have for promotion, transfer or new assignments.

Our organization is on the cutting edge of correctional health care and we are committed to growing, changing and improving; you will be challenged to grow and improve as well. This is expressed in the level of care afforded inmates in our system, the research, publications and presentations by our staff and the programs or initiatives we are currently pursuing in reentry, patient safety, pain management, preventive dental care etc.

Our health care system is growing and the Health Services Division is an important and valuable voice in the Departments organization. Our centralized health services unit is responsible for the representation of health services staff on projects, committees and initiatives throughout the Department and within state government.

The Department of Corrections (DOC) continues to build an integrated health care system to meet the needs of the over 16,000 inmates in their custody. Our goal is to provide medically necessary care and to prepare our patients for reentry into normal society. We are building a team of medical providers to work collaboratively in providing high-quality, humane, and efficient health care. Our medical team includes mid-level providers (Physician Assistants and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners) working under the supervision of physicians in a primary care practice setting.

The Department is seeking high-quality physicians to participate in and lead our health care team. The clinical work includes outpatient primary care and infirmary care, plus management of referrals for specialty care. We are seeking specialists in internal medicine with an interest in general primary care practice, with a public health orientation. These positions also offer the opportunity to assume facility medical director positions in a number of our facilities.

Examples of medical positions offered are:

Facility Medical Directors (FMD)
Physician 3
Physician Assistant / Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (PA/ARNP)

The Department of Corrections (DOC) employs psychiatrists and psychiatric mid-level prescribers at facilities around the state. They function as part of a multi-disciplinary team with every patient being assigned a primary therapist and primary care provider. The Department has a good range of psychotropic medications on formulary and solid ancillary services as well. Services range from outpatient level to residential care for seriously mentally ill.

Examples of mental health positions offered are:

Correctional Mental Health Counselor
Social Worker