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U.S. Air Force
Worldwide, PA
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SSgt Sean Pitts
(707) 423-4066
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*Residents / Fellows*
A Financial Assistance Program at Just the Right Time!!!!!
Would you like to double your residency pay now? Plus receive a monthly paycheck each month of residency?

The Air Force is now offering financial incentives to highly qualified residents/fellows in selected specialties. This program allows you to complete residency/fellowship training at your current hospital, PLUS receive a special annual pay bonus. Below are an explanation of how it works and a list of benefits youll receive when participating in the Financial Assistance Program.

How it works:

With your Air Force sponsorship youll receive over $70,000+ each year of your residency, on top of your resident salary. (an annual grant of $45,000 receivable upon commission and a monthly stipend of $2,178.90)
Upon completion of your residency you will start your career as an Air Force physician, 1 year for every year of sponsorship plus 1 additional year.
Open to residency or fellowship. There are No military requirements while in residency/fellowship training. We will not remove you from your residency or fellowship.

Benefits include;
No malpractice insurance
Autonomy to prescribe treatments without permission from multiple HMOs
No overhead expenditures
An established practice in group, clinic or hospital settings
Access to excellent colleague consultations on a daily basis
State of the art equipment in state of the art facilities
Teaching and Humanitarian/Relief Effort opportunities
Complete other residencies or fellowships while serving (Without losing pay)
Commensurate salaries with additional pay.
Comprehensive medical and dental coverage
30 days paid vacation a year with an average 40-50 hour work week
Quench your thirst for adventure with worldwide travel
Time to pursue outside interests

John Johnson Jr., TSgt, USAF
Health Professions Director
Office 724-743-5852 Ext. 107
Cell 724-757-9760

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Air Force Recruiting Services
550 D. Street West, Suite 1
Randolph AFB, TX 78150
1-800-423-USAF (8723)

COMPANY DESCRIPTION - Air Force Recruiting Service - The world's greatest Air Force -- powered by Airmen, fueled by innovation.

Practice medicine not paperwork-Air Force physicians provide medical care for our nations heroes. They work with state-of-the-art medicine in a group practice and participate in humanitarian and aeromedical missions worldwide. You too, can enjoy career growth with great benefits, no malpractice insurance worries or overhead expenses.

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