As a key player in the $400 billion disability industry, QTC facilitates the collection, generation and organization of medical evidence to meet the varied needs of our clients.

Since our founding in 1981, QTC has recognized that an objective medical evaluation report meeting distinct regulatory requirements is vital to the timely and accurate adjudication of disability claims.

QTC was the first private examination provider for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in 1998, and we continue to be the sole private provider for our nations veterans.

QTC Medical Group has contracts with numerous government agencies to manage compensation and pension exams for military service personnel, secret service agents and claimants of agencies, such as the Department of Social Services, Department of Labor and Railroad Retirement Board.

Currently, we are expanding our network of Internal Medicine, General Practice and Family Practice physicians in our Washington Clinics. Our clinics are fully staffed and have all the diagnostic equipment needed to conduct our exams. The reimbursement rates are on a per exam basis, so the more exams you conduct, the more money you can earn. Please feel free to contact me and I will be glad to discuss this opportunity with you in more detail.
QTC is largest private provider of government outsourced occupational health and disability examination services in the nation. We are contracted with the Department of Veteran Affairs, Department of Social Services and other government agencies to contract physicians to perform one time disability evaluations for our Soldiers and Veterans. We are searching for General Medicine, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists, Internal Medicine & Pediatricians for our SSI/EDD lines of business to perform these one time evaluations. These are one time only appointments that involve no treatment and no follow up. Orientation is provided by one of our knowledgeable provider liaisons and exams are submitted thru our web based browser system or thru dictation. QTC strives on value and customer service to our client; therefore we continue to build a strong network of qualified providers and experienced staff to handle our client's needs. Benefits of working with QTC Medical Group: We offer flexible schedules. There is no minimum number of hours required and our dedicated operations team will work to accommodate your schedule a month in advance, No overhead or administration: At QTC our clinics are fully staffed and will handle all administrative details to allow our providers to focus on the exams, QTC pays on time and accurately: Services are paid directly by QTC per exam. We provide the option of direct deposit to ensure the timeliness of your fees. QTC also provides a strong communication within our network to ensure our providers are paid on time and accurately.