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The program director will have authority and accountability for the operation of the emergency medicine residence program.
Continue in his or her position for a length of time adequate to maintain continuity of leadership and program stability.
Qualifications of the program director:
Must maintain current board certification in Emergency Medicine by AOBEM, or ABEM: and recertified within the prescribed time frame. He or she shall maintain continuous certification. Lifetime certificate holders are not exempt from this recertification requirement.
Have documented educational and administrative experience.
Maintain current medical Mississippi licensure and appropriate to Merit Health Wesley Medical Staff.
At least three years' experience as a core faculty member in an ACGME/AOA-accredited emergency medicine program full time practice of emergency medicine for a minimum of five (5) years.
Active, full-time staff membership (a minimum of 30 hours per week which includes clinical as well as educational activities) within the department or section of emergency medicine at the base institution.
Must not work more than 20 hours per week clinically, on average, or 960 clinical hours per year.
May not serve as or act in the capacity of the chair of the department of emergency medicine, or as program director of more than one residency program.
Membership in the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians (ACOEP).
Administer and maintain an educational environment conducive to educating the residents in each of the ACGME/AOA competency areas.
Oversee and ensure the quality of didactic and clinical education in all sites that participate in the program.
Approve a local director at each participating site who is accountable for resident education.
approve the selection of program faculty as appropriate and maintain proper ratio
Evaluate program faculty.
Approve the continued participation of program faculty based on education.
Monitor resident supervision at all participating sites.
Prepare and submit all information required and requested by the ACGME/AOA

a. program application forms
b. annual program updates to the ADS/ACEOP/AOA
c. ensure that the information submitted is accurate and complete
d. Other information as requested by the accrediting body

Ensure compliance with grievance and due process procedures as set forth in the Institutional Requirements and implemented by the sponsoring institution.

Provide verification of residency education for all residents, including those who leave the program prior to completion.

Implement policies and procedures consistent with the institutional and program requirements for resident duty hours and the working environment, including moonlighting.

Distribute these policies and procedures to the residents and faculty.

Monitor resident duty hours, according to sponsoring institutional policies, with a frequency sufficient to ensure compliance with ACGME/AOA requirements.
Adjust schedules as necessary to mitigate excessive service demands and/or fatigue.

If applicable, monitor the demands of at-home call and adjust schedules as necessary to mitigate excessive service demands and/or fatigue.

Monitor the need for and ensure the provision of back up support systems when patient care responsibilities are unusually difficult or prolonged.

Comply with the sponsoring institution's written policies and procedures, including those specified in the Institutional Requirements, for selection, evaluation and promotion of residents, disciplinary action, and supervision of residents.

Be familiar with and comply with ACGME/AOA and Review Committee policies and procedures as outlined in the ACGME/AOA Manual of Policies and Procedures.

Obtain review and approval of the sponsoring institution's GMECIDIO before submitting information or requests to the ACGME/AOA,
a. all applications for ACGME/AOA accreditation of new programs
b. changes in resident complement
c. major changes in program structure or length of training
d. progress reports requested by the Review Committee
e. requests for increases or any change to resident duty hours
f. voluntary withdrawals of ACGME-accredited programs
g. requests for appeal of an adverse action
h. appeal presentations to a Board of Appeal or the ACGME

Obtain 010 review and co-signature on all program application forms, as well as any
correspondence or document submitted to the ACGME/AOA that addresses program citations, and/or, request for changes in the program that would have significant impact, including financial, on the program or institution

Verify residents participating in the annual resident in-service examination.

Advise the ACOEP's Committee on Graduate Medical Education, in writing, of the Resident's inability to participate in the examination within ten (10) days of the examination and request a substitute examination.
Participate in the annual ACOEP Program Directors' Faculty Development workshop.
Attendance at this annual conference is mandatory for the program director or his/her designee. The program director shall attend a minimum of once every two years.

Prepare for and participate in the ACGME/AOA inspection of the program in cooperation with the Division of Postdoctoral Education and the designated evaluator.
Inform the AOA, OPTI, and ACOEP's Committee on Graduate Medical Education of major changes in the program, including but not limited to, changes in institutional ownership, affiliation, department chair, or other major administrative changes within thirty (30) days of their occurrence.
Develop written goals and objectives for each rotation and maintain these through periodic updating.
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